Cycling the globe

I love cycling. I love seeing people do extraordinary things. Mike Hall makes my personal cycling adventures, which are not totally insignificant, look like childs play. He has circumnavigated the globe, on a bicycle, in just 92 days. That would be 150 to 200 miles a day, everyday, for 3 months. It’s an 18,000 mile trip. I can only imagine the poor conditions he rode through, the lack of sleep, and the mental games he must have played to push himself to make this dream a reality. The endless self-doubt colliding with the reaffirming self discovery must have been mentally exhausting. People like this give me hope for the future. He’s strong, clever, and resourceful.

Humans are believed to be the only species capable of willing ourselves to do things that our bodies and minds tell us to avoid. Because we are self-aware and incredibly clever, humans are cable of making a conscious choice of walking into danger, placing faith in our ability to understand a situation beyond what is apparent, and thereby forcing changes that no other species is capable of making. (Many have argued that this seems to be our unique role in the natural world.) Mike Hall exemplifies what it is to be human by asking an impossible question, overcoming the fear and limitations, applying his unique tools, and ultimately making real what was previously perceived to be impossible. Amazing. I wonder what might his next question be?

This video is a series of updates that he did while out on the road. You can watch his mental and physical state deteriorate as the calorie/sleep deficit took its toll. What incredible mental toughness! People are capable of so much more than they think they are! He appears to be such an average guy, yet it is hard to ignore what he’s accomplished!

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