…more on Monsanto

Yesterday’s “Life on the line” post left me thinking, and I wanted to pass along a few more important thoughts. These genetically “enhanced” plants, in most cases, are designed to not be affected by the pesticides (RoundUp) that are sprayed on them. The pesticide is intended to kill everything but the genetically modified organism (GMO), which is protected. This simple-minded thinking forgets that these plants are still dependent upon healthy relationships with other natural processes to survive. When you think only of the object that you’re designing, without thinking about the entire system, you’re bound to fail. Gee, I wonder why the bees are dying off…if only Mansanto would genetically modify the bees so they are not affected by Monsanto’s pesticides, then Monsanto would have patent rights to all the work that the bees do as well! Be damn sure that no Monsanto bees pollinate your crops – you could be sued! Oh wait, the bees have relationships with other organisms that ensure their survival as well. Better modify their genes as well….Hmmm….

Second, from Monsanto’s own website, and interesting article about Mansanto’s involvement in the creation of Agent Orange. That’s just wonderful news. Our world food supply is dominated by a chemical weapons manufacturer. Awesome.

Third, there are many, many articles about Mansanto’s history of disregarding environmental policy. Here is a famous one from the Washington Post, dated in 2002, where Mansanto had knowingly, and secretly, dumped PCB’s into an open sewage pit for 40 years.

Also, as you would expect, Mitt Rob-me is in bed with Mansanto.  In fact, Romney helped to put Monsanto on its current trajectory, and was a part of the dump and run of PCB’s mentioned above. The choice for our US President seems pretty obvious! I just wish there were some better and bolder cantidates out there.

And finally, for those who don’t know, there was an Occupy Monsanto worldwide protest yesterday. I haven’t heard much in the media about it, but I’m sure the media is not able to take the risk of providing the publicity for these protesters. It would be interpreted as supporting the efforts of the protesters. Damn liberal media!

Go check out your local farmers market.


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