Modern Day Slavery

I don’t even know what to say. Are you comfortably numb? I feel like I am, and I hate it. I hate the fact that our manufacturing processes have become so complex and opaque that it is nearly impossible to know where my stuff comes from. I hate that there are people that would exploit humans in this way, and I hate the fact that decent people allow it to continue. It angers me when I’m called a “bleeding heart liberal,” because it blatantly displays an awful indifference to suffering on the part of those saying it. It is not “just the way thing are.” It is pure evil, and to turn the other cheek is a choice to support it.

This sort of indifference comes from the same place as the indifference to the destruction of our natural resources. Our modern society has made it so incredibly easy to look away. We are strongly encouraged to not look at it. The slick marketing ads bedazzle you with a spectacle of ridiculous, comically impossible images, creating a completely false atmosphere for the consumer to live within. Feeling safe in their artificial bubble, they spend their money, and these organizations rake in billions of dollars and enslave millions of humans. The blood and heartbreak of these (and other) slaves is in many, many products sold throughout the United States and other countries.

If you don’t believe it, do just a little research. For example, check out Tomatoland, for a little slavery in the United States.

I am extremely thankful that there are people in the world that are making this visible, and working to eliminate these products from the supply chains. I wish nothing but success to Lisa Kristine and all the others working on this important issue.



  1. All I know is that our buddies went to a field of tomatoes,near here, that the farmer could not get a crew to pick, so allowed people to pick your own. The tomatoes were absolutely as good as I used to grow in the back yard. Of course the field was all totally vine ripened. The farmer invested all the money to plant the crop and got very little for it. But that is capitalism isn’t it. As to the slavery. I suppose it is possible, but I sure see a lot of Hispanic people in Walmart getting their $100 bills out to pay for their stuff..

  2. Paul Giguere says:

    Here’s an interesting web site:ENOUGH, ANTI-CONSUMERISM CAMPAIGN

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