The Violence of TransCanada

I love TED Talks! Garth Lenz is a Canadian photographer, who has made clear the potential environmental destruction of the coming Keystone Pipeline. After watching this presentation I thought that basic common sense would never let this happen. Any reasonable person could sense that this kind of violence toward nature is not in our best interest, particularly after listening to the NPR radio show below. Additionally, the scientific evidence that has been generated in the last 20 years against this sort of thing is staggering. I thought that there would be enough resistance to slow it down, but there continues to be stories that make me believe this monster is going to happen anyway. I find it very difficult to believe that this is the obvious next logical step in the effort to move toward safer, renewable energy sources. What would happen if all of the money to develop this filthy infrastructure was diverted to clean renewable energy sources? How can our society (leaders) support/allow this?

NPR reported that TransCanada is apparently buying up the land to move the project forward. See the following articles from National Public Radio:

To see the beautiful (higher resolution) images from the Garth Lenz presentation, and a link to this TED Talk, please visit his website at:–the-true-cost-of-oil/editorial-42


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